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Wafer-level bonding machine DATACON PPS 2200

Date of Ad 02.07.2018
Type PPS 2200
Control Type / Vx - Works
Year 1997
Country Czech Republic
Extra Information
Type:PPS 2200
Made in:1997
Lower cover: dark gray powder 56.900 70 M
Upper panel: light gray powder 56.900 60 m
Upper frame: ultramarine blue RAL 5002
Control surface: water blue RAL 5021
Control: VME bus / CAN bus
Operator - Monitor / Operator - Interface:
15 "Flat Screen Monitor / Windows - similar
Operating system: Vx - Works
Network card (CONV-500):
Plug for network connection:
10BaseT 10Base2 and AUI
Data storage:
Internal - Hard disk
External - 3.5 "drive (only HD disks with 1.44 MB)
Chip sizes 0.2 - 20 mm
(Manual adjustment of ejection system ejection kits required)
Chip thicknesses> 0.15 mm
Wafer sizes: up to 203 mm (8 ")
Frame sizes: up to 276 mm (11 ")
Substrate size (transport system)
Max. 255x203x30 mm
Component height (eg SMD's)
Max. 30 mm. with tool changer up to 10 mm
Substrate transport height (SMEMA 1.2) 940 - 945 mm or 37 - 38 "
Max. Number of bond points: 100 per chip type
Max. Number of individual uses / substrate 100 with free programming
60.000 in matrix programming
Max. Number of individual substrates / transport unit
(Carrier or boot) 300
Tool changer:
Max. Number of tool holders 6
Tool change time approx. 1.5 sec
. Outdo system changer:
Max. Number of change tools 5
Tool change time ca: 4 sec. (When changing from the 1st to the 4th tool
this time is integrated in the wafer change time
and is therefore not decisive)
Epoxy module:
Work area (X/Y/Z) 254x200x50 mm
Feed method (standard) Metering via feed spindle
Feed Method (optional) Pressure / Time - Dose
Cartridge sizes:
5. 10. and 30 ccm (on the additional Z-axis only up to 10 ccm)
Pick & Place module:
Working area (XYZ) 254x200x30 mm
Working area with additional Z-axis 200x200x30 mm
Machine dimensions: 800x1200x2000 mm
Machine weight: 700 kg
Documentation / MANUAL is in German

Contact Information

Amaron s.r.o.

Janska 12
Czech Republic
M. Naji Naji
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Phone 00   420   542210839
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